Music and Meditations

I am pleased to make these works available now. These are short affirmation/prayers backed with my own original music. They are suitable for listening to anytime for a quick reminder about the truth of yourself! I listen to them a lot myself. The music is composed on the spot for each piece, so it is infused with the energy of the message. They are all listed in the right column for downloading or listening to right now. Also available for download are The Ho’oponopono Song and the Heart Light Meditation. For the Ho’oponopono Song I took the words of this Hawaiian healing system as taught by Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len and set them to music. I personally found this a powerful way to use these words to achieve the incredible results they are capable of. The song simply repeats the words over and over in a peaceful, easy melody so that you can either continue to sing it yourself or just play it over and over.

The Heart Light Meditation is a guided meditation that came to me through my connection to Higher Awareness, something in my life that has come about largely as a result of the amount of time and energy I have spent getting to know myself, deepening my spiritual practice, and exploring all kinds of tools and knowledge for becoming a more conscious and aware person. You can read more about this Higher Awareness in my life at Opening and Allowing.